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  • Remembering the Titans — Might & Magic (Part III)

    17.11.2019 by

    Might & Magic series entered the new millennium with a limp. The Day of the Destroyer, the eighth installation of the series, has shown severe signs of stagnation and was met rather coldly by the public, which expected a rise to a new quality level from the beloved franchise. Furthermore, the Heroes series were also… Read more

  • Remembering the Titans — Might & Magic (Part II)

    06.11.2019 by

    First five games of glorious Might & Magic franchise have received all the love and praise they deserved. But in the mid-’90s the developers New World Computing decided to put the series on hiatus. Sheltem’s story has ended on an epic note and all the roleplaying juices seemed to dry out. Might & Magic became… Read more

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