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  • RTS Galore! Episode 4: Spice Must Flow

    13.09.2021 by

    In this article we’re going to see what happens when RTS games are based on other works of fiction, specifically lengthy books filled with thematic intricacies and ideological complexities. Tough to find a better example for this than Westwood’s Dune series.

  • Mass Alienation and Social Atomization in Bloober Team’s Observer

    05.03.2021 by

    There are several ways you can summarize the plot of the Bloober Team’s Observer. For example, you can say that this is a game about a futuristic cop, played by Rutger Hauer, who chases after a murderous monster in the cyberpunk dystopian setting. This way, Observer reminds us of Split Second—a 1992 sci-fi action flick—not explicitly smart or insightful… Read more

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