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  • The Outer Worlds

    19.01.2020 by

    I do have ambivalent feelings about Outer Worlds. Mechanically it fails to achieve the level of its spiritual predecessor, a masterpiece that this year will celebrate its tenth anniversary. But exactly as in the case of Fallout: New Vegas, Outer Worlds’ main strength is in its vivid, detailed, and highly entertaining story. Or stories, to be precise. Stories, that inhale life into the mechanically dull game. Stories, that make all the difference.

  • Remembering the Titans — Might & Magic (Part III)

    17.11.2019 by

    Might & Magic series entered the new millennium with a limp. The Day of the Destroyer, the eighth installation of the series, has shown severe signs of stagnation and was met rather coldly by the public, which expected a rise to a new quality level from the beloved franchise. Furthermore, the Heroes series were also… Read more

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