Remembering the Titans — Might & Magic (Part I)

Behold that fabulous world of roleplaying games! Rich and beautiful it floats through the vast space of escapist entertainment, enchanting the hearts and empowering the minds. There are three pillars this world is based upon (or lies on the backs of three elephants, for the Pratchett fans here) — Ultima, Wizardry and Might & Magic. Each of them had an overwhelming influence on the shape, feel, and direction, which the genre of CRPG has taken, while forming itself.

Onto the youngest one of the elephants (or pillars, if you’ve never read Discworld, oh, poor soul) I’ve decided to turn my retro-gaze here. Join me in remembering the wonderful worlds of Might & Magic and reminding once again the pure joy of virtual roleplaying escapism.

Oh, some major spoilers ahead, so be warned.

LEt’s Go!